Friday, 29 May 2009

MTV is a virus

This is quite old now but I thought I'd share it with you all!

I made this animation for my final major project while I was on my art foundation. The project was based on the D&AD brief MTV is a virus.

This was one of my first stop frame animations, it's certainly the largest in scale and the most ambitious I've attempted but I plan to do some more with this kind of work.

It took about 5 days to animate by myself, in around 5 or 6 hour sessions each day. The editing part was the easiest and only took a matter of hours.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

New My Last Victory Logo

So recently my band decided that we needed an updated logo because the other one was getting a bit tired and lacked real presence. I liked the old one, which I didn't design, but it was a perhaps a little too inconsistent and it was time for a new logo that really stood out and had some individuality.

The new logo was based around typefaces used in Nazi Germany. I liked the idea of creating something bold and iconic which had a kind of dictating feel on you when you viewed it.

I started with sketches and then drafts of layout and spacing and then I took the letter forms into illustrator and began to give the logo it's own characteristics and make it a bit more special and more unique.

'Contemporary Fictions' project - Illustrations for 1984 by George Orwell

The following works are outcomes from an illustration project called 'Contemporary Fictions' set for my course at WSA.

The deliverables for the project were to create 3 illustrations based on a paragraph or sentence from a fictional piece of writing. I chose the book 1984 by George Orwell.

The sentence I chose was, "One is how to discover, against his will, what another human being is thinking, and the other is how to kill several hundred million people in a few seconds without giving warning beforehand."

From this I came up with the idea of how, in the book, mankind's intelligence is being broken down and being rid of all creativity and freewill. The idea that the human brain's complexities are being taken away to eventually answer to one command - obey.

The works were created as 3D compositions which were then photographed and imported onto a Mac. They were then printed out and worked back into with drawing and collaging over the top.

The man in the images is not Hitler! I found a photograph of this man at a flea market and I found it funny that he had a 'tache like Hitler's but unfortunately, he is not that man! haha

'SAVE FBI RADIO' (Australia) Poster

I used to do quite a few posters and things for my local music scene back in Guernsey and I do all the promotional material for my band My Last Victory but I haven't done any commissioned poster work like this in a while. My friend Matt from Guernsey, who now lives in Australia, asked me to make a poster for his band 11:59.

I jumped at the chance and after a few drafts and works in progress I settled on the design below. I wanted to get the idea of a protest and the importance that sound and music has in communicating with people. I used the megaphone to show how people can broadcast their views like a radio does.

Be sure to check out both of the band links! Both completely different styles of music but hopefully there's something in them for everyone.

Friday, 22 May 2009

a fictional book about time and space.

These are a selection of pages taken from a book I recently made recently on the Graphic Arts course at WSA.

We were set the task of creating a book based on a journey. So, for me, it was only ever going to be about space and time travel.

The book tracks the journey of the first crew to travel in a starship outside of Earth's own galaxy. They go to a far away planet and explore the surface and look for extraterrestrial life. It's very silly but very fun!

I tried to get a sense of old 60s and 70s sci-fi in the collages. I wanted to make the planetary scenes look like sets from early Star Trek episodes.


If you've found this blog, well done! I haven't told anyone about it yet so you've done well to get here.

I'll be putting up some of my Graphic Design/Illustration work, thoughts, ideas, things I've found, links, all the normal stuff you'd find in a blog but from me!

Jiraffe out.