Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Que Houxo - Existence of Light

I've been raiding the corners of the internet again, using the fantastic 'Stumble Upon', to find inspiration. I stumbled upon a feature on a blog called 'Hypebeast'. The entry was called, 'Existence of Light Feature with Que Huoxo'.

The blog entry was reporting about a feature posted on another site about Houxo's work but the images on this site was the thing I was most interested in.

The paintings he does are more like live installations. The thing I was most drawn to was the use of vibrant colour and the work coming to life under the black light. It draws an ultra futuristic experience to the viewing of the piece.

When I look at them I'm reminded of images you see of Tokyo, tonnes of colour and movement. I start to feel like I'm immersed in the paintings, like I'm in an epileptic dream world that's dazzling my eyes.

Seeing this work has kicked my ideas into an extra gear and I'm beginning to think about how I can use colour and light to immerse the viewer into the work.

Here are a couple of my favourites from the feature.

All images courtesy of Hypebeast.


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