Monday, 10 August 2009

SUPER 8 - Let me try!

So for this summer project I really want to get into doing some video. I haven't got much in terms of a video camera except for my small hand held Sanyo that records onto a memory card. I've had it for years and as much as it's a great little camera, it's hard for me to achieve the aesthetic I want for this particular project.

That's where super 8 comes in! I've always been turned on by the intrigue behind super 8. A truly analogue process that has a very defined aesthetic and so much history attached. Whenever I see something recorded on super 8, I get a sense of a 'hyper reality. The grainy effect, the kind of jerky hand held candid style and crisp picture make the medium so interesting and appealing to work with.

I've never worked with true 'film' cameras but I really want to try. It just seems like there's so much more control and it looks more artistic and beautiful. There's a few super 8 cameras kicking about at the amazing 'Snoopers Paradise' in town for fairly cheap so hopefully I can get some money together and get one. Film and processing is a whole other cost though altogether!

Here's an example of super 8 footage which I found on YouTube. This guy has gone for a home video reel to test out his camera and he's got some nice shots in there too.

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  1. did you know there was super8 project this spring in guernsey? it was run by the guernsey arts commission or something. they did a week or so showing super8 short films in the evening and then after the week everybody had an opportunity to try and make their own. after that they did a week showing them all. i wanted to do it but nobody would ocme with me : (

    vicky x