Monday, 14 September 2009

Noah Harris - Talk Talk Ads

This ad is really quite cool. I love the colour palette, I admire the technique and work that's gone into it. The art direction and execution is brilliant (everything was done 'in camera') and the man behind the work was Noah Harris, one of my favourite desingers/art directors out there.

When I first saw these ads a kind of had a feeling they were done by Harris. They certainly felt like his kind of work, based on similar style and aesthetics of his previous work on the E4 idents. However, I wasn't sure until I had a browse on Harris' site today just to see what he'd been up to.

It's always completely inspiring to see what he's been up to and it always seems to jettison me off onto something exciting in my own work. Anyway! Links...

Here's the link to his page about the work:

Here's some production stills:

And here's the ad:

Kirk out.

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