Thursday, 3 September 2009

Something really terrible, but...

...As I have nothing to hide, and I'm using this blog as I would a sketchbook, here is a really really short clip of an attempt to animate some text. Did I mention it's pretty bad?

Also, out of context and with no idea about my idea and intention of the effect, it probably looks totally random and perhaps worse.

Reading this might help though:

"Basically I want to try and animate some text and preferably I'd do it by hand but using Photoshop is quicker and is something I haven't done before. I plan to use a mix of stop frame animation and computer animation to create a short film based around the word 'Alienation'. I'm going for a 'screen breaking down and video becoming blurry' kind of thing and the RGB from the monitor playing up a bit. Anyway - first try!"

Well it's done anyway and it's the first thing I've ever posted in HD on Youtube so I'm pretty happy with that at least haha.

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