Friday, 9 October 2009

type experiments for 'alienation' video

Just some more teaser stuff and examples of my working process from my recent summer project for university. I was using the hexagon shape throughout to hint to the connection between people and the six degrees of separation theory.

The video is a comment on how people shouldn't forget what it's like to be outside and how to communicate and interact socially. People should not just stay glued to their iPhone's, Blackberry's and laptop's, checking their Facebook pages all day.

Also, I've completed the video now, and I'll be posting soon but I need to add some sound. I think I might write some music for it, could be fun and a nice challenge.

In other news, I started uni again on Monday and I've been given my first brief. It's called 'Pitch' and we have to do a pitch for 4 billboard designs based on a marketing campaign we've developed from a brand that's been allocated to us.

I was given Nike, so I'm pretty happy with that. Following on from my summer project, which the brief asks, I am pursuing the idea and theory of the 'six degrees of separation.' It's going well so far and I shall be keeping you posted!

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