Sunday, 18 October 2009

you are part of a legacy

Here's a bit of a taster from my recent project 'Pitch' where we had to come up with a campaign that stretched across 4 billboards.

The company I was allocated was Nike and I chose to follow the line of their inspirational and motivating slogans. My idea was based around the consumer feeling apart of the brand and to create a strong sense of connection.

I came up with 'you are part of a legacy' amongst other slogan's and used the custom typeface I created for the project to hint at the connections visually. The coloured and overlayed elements were used to show the momentum and potential energy that the consumer will have by using Nike's products.

I'm only showing one of the proposed billboards for now as there are a few tweaks I'll be doing to the work. Hope you like what you see so far!

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