Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Train Station and Onedotzero

This set of images were taken at Fareham train station while I was waiting for a connection to Brighton. I was a little bored and started playing with light and the focus ring on my camera.

I liked the aesthetic of the blurred rings of colour overlaying each other. Also, the idea that even though the lights were far apart from each other, the lights began to interact and share a relationship with each other as they went out of focus.

I took some video also and I might use this idea as a starting point for the visuals and ideas for the D&AD student awards brief 'onedotzero'. The brief is moving image based and we are to respond to the idea of 'the disappearing city'.

More information on the brief, the D&AD and the awards can be found by following this link:

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Oi Nike, we share the same goals.

I went back to my Brief 1 project and did some re-tooling from the Billboards and made this poster as a bit of personal work and development. Nike, if you're reading this, snap me up! haha

(This is just personal work, I haven't actually made this for Nike commercially. I wish I had!)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Self initiated work

I've been fiddling around over the last few days trying to get something together for a zine that some friends and I are putting together.

It's on the theme black and white but I've added a little bit of colour just whack up on here. The pages will be based around this kind of style but I'm still tweaking and having a bit of a play.


Monday, 9 November 2009

'Journey' Book Photos

I finally got back the book that I made for our final project in Level 1, 'Journey'. So, I took some pictures!

It was my first ever attempt at creating a book. I came up with concept, designed and developed my content and binded the whole thing too. It was a really good insight into how books are made and how they work.

I learnt how rhythm and consistency was important throughout to create a successful and flowing book.

As with anything, there are many things that I would have liked to have changed from paper stock and printing techniques to editing and exploring more ideas for content. However, I feel the book has been made to a good standard and it was a valuable experience.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

New toy!

This came in on Friday which was a great surprise! It was, along with ordering my tickets for the opening night of Avatar at BFI IMAX in London that morning, the start to a rather good weekend!

This is one of those filler posts, as you can probably tell, but it's something I was pretty chuffed with! The HD 1080p video option on it is fantastic too. Can't wait to create some new work with it!