Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Train Station and Onedotzero

This set of images were taken at Fareham train station while I was waiting for a connection to Brighton. I was a little bored and started playing with light and the focus ring on my camera.

I liked the aesthetic of the blurred rings of colour overlaying each other. Also, the idea that even though the lights were far apart from each other, the lights began to interact and share a relationship with each other as they went out of focus.

I took some video also and I might use this idea as a starting point for the visuals and ideas for the D&AD student awards brief 'onedotzero'. The brief is moving image based and we are to respond to the idea of 'the disappearing city'.

More information on the brief, the D&AD and the awards can be found by following this link:


  1. My final major project is similar to this, the effect is called 'Bokeh' if you didn't know, there are some really interesting differences that can occur with the different aperture styles/blades. x

  2. Oh wicked. Cheers! I'm getting slightly more away from it now but it's interesting stuff.