Saturday, 5 December 2009

'Biased' Typeface

The outcome of a one week project I did a couple of weeks ago. The brief was to create a typeface from a 'found grid'.

I based my typeface on a photograph of some diagonal wooden cladding I photographed at Brighton Station. I made a rule that I would stay faithful to the right diagonal and not slant the other way, hence the name 'Biased'. This restriction created some interesting results.

The brief also asked for the typeface to be put into context appropriate to it's look and style. It reminded me a hell of a lot like sci-fi books and films and particular Star Trek!

You can also see further down my blog that I've been starting to use this typeface in some personal and experimental work. I've designed two typefaces now and I enjoy the process so I'm looking to make custom type and type design a prominent part of my work.

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  1. This typeface is actually going to be part of an exhibition. NIIIIICE!