Tuesday, 15 December 2009

onedotzero musings

Over the last week I've been tearing my hair out trying to get my 'onedotzero' film together, or at least a solid draft. It's been quite tough trying to visualise what I want to do. I've had trouble storyboarding and I've been getting really frustrated with not having anything to show for my thoughts and planning.

Last week I decided to just go for it and started making my film based on a loose storyboard and whatever I could think of at the time. I got some cool stuff and I'm going to edit that together to see if I'm closer to where I want to be with the work. However, I still think there's room for improvement and after experimenting at the end of the day I found different approach and new aesthetic that I could pursue.

These photographs were my experiments.


  1. Me too! They are really good, love the slow lights.

  2. Yeah, I'm liking them also. I think I'm gonna go down this route for the final video as it seems far more interesting.

    Having 1 week to do it though is going to be interesting!