Monday, 14 December 2009

Slighty Off Topic - Christmas!

As it's Christmas and we had such a great dinner that night I thought I'd share the Sauce Collective Christmas portrait!

In more work related news, the Sauce website has been updated with a brilliant portfolio section. I haven't got much work on there at the moment mind you but it's looking pretty cool!

Sauce Collective Portfolio


  1. get that sauce site to validate against its doc type (xhtml strict), come on !! Affordable web design should be standards compliant and accessible.

  2. Ah cheers Adam! I'm not the admin on that but I'll pass on the message!

  3. Ha,.. my fault I'm afraid. Too lazy and fond of hover functions. Using an old template and need to fix it. I feel the shame. I'l get Grant to fix it haha :)

  4. Wow.. this is the most comment activity my blog has ever had. Ground breaking stuff guys! haha