Sunday, 21 February 2010


Some more progress on the Jackdaw logo project. I'm still yet to complete the graphic but I've got a few ideas for that! However, I've competed the second draft of the logo typeface and they like it which is awesome news. I was asked if I could make the 'J' less pointy and to make the characters fatter which I thought were both fair criticisms. I have to say that I do prefer it like this now.

If there's anyone viewing this who is in a band and like what I've done for these guys then please get in touch! We can have a chat and I'll see what I can do for you. Also, posters or any other work, I'm more than happy to take on some exciting projects.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

'Khan' Zine

Here is my finished 'Khan' zine which I made in about half a day. Some of the stuff in there is cool, just did some really quick ideas really and I wanted to have something to take to the zine fest. I wanted to use my hands again and do some collage/hand rendered type to attempt a different spin on the 'space' style that's kind of popular at the moment. Most of that stuff is all lines and diagrams though which doesn't really represent space at all, space is free form and unpredictable! Enough of that! haha

As I say, not the greatest zine in the world, it's my second attempt at one but it was fun all the same.

Brighton Zine Fest

Hey guys! I attended the Brighton Zine Fest today with my good friends Kat and Grant (2 of the 5 people who look at this blog).

It was my first zine fayre and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to see such a diverse mix of zines from illustration, photography, punk zines, comics/graphic novels, political stuff and 'lifestyle' zines. There was some great work and some really nice people too. (Thanks for letting me use the stapler!)

I entered my zine into the stall that was selling for people but unfortunately I didn't sell any! haha (although the Sauce one did, which I was in too! ) I would have been pleasantly surprised if I did! In the end I decided to swap mine for some cool ones that I'd seen and it was a better way to get talking to people rather than selling anonymously. All I did was ask if 'anyone would like a zine about Star Trek?' seemed like the perfect sales pitch to me! I was going to give them away for free but people were kind enough to swap the ones they made which was very cool of them! Any refusal to swap my zine would be not 'logical' (yes, i went there).

Here's a few pics of the fayre and some of the stuff I liked.

Some of these pics don't do the zines justice. Shebangs was really awesome and well put together. It had some rad illustration inside it and it was a delightful thing to hold. I wanted to buy it but didn't have any dosh left! I also loved the cover for 'salutations' and the photography inside was really nice too. Rocket Science had an awesome screen printed cover and the idea of the comic and the content was cool! I ended up buying 'The Adventures of Geoff, Half-Shark-Half-Octopus' cos it was rad, it's also really funny!

I'll be posting pics of my zine soon too! Cheers guys!

Friday, 19 February 2010

I have been and always shall be.... making a zine (all of today that is)

Some progress and ideas of a zine I'm working on today to put into the Brighton Zine Fest tomorrow hopefully.

I should add, if you haven't got it already, that this zine is based around Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. I'm watching it for the second time today! haha

Edit: When I say second time, I mean second time in one day. Just to clear that up.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010


It's been kicking my ass the last couple of days but I've decided to kick it's ass back. Take that, project!

It's getting there. I hope so anyway, deadline is Thursday at 1pm and the whole supplement needs to be printed. Funny how I can fit blogging in with such a tight schedule but it's a nice release. Allows me to look at it from a different angle I suppose.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Supplement this!

Experiment. I tend to use that word a lot on this blog and in my posts but that's what every piece of work feels like at any stage of development. The final outcome of a project is just one particular outcome of a set of 'experiments' and ss this blog is all about my work in any stage of development I have some experiments to show you.

Anyway, let's not ponder too much on the word and get down to business. These images are part of my current project 'Supplement' where the brief asks us to art direct, create content (photographs, illustration etc) and create layouts for a supplement to a chosen magazine or newspaper. Basically, we're doing the job of everyone in involved in putting together a magazine and all in 3 weeks. Quite a challenge, but also quite fun.

Wow, I tend to write more and more each time I post here.

OK, the work! Here are a number of 'experiments' for you to salivate over. Enjoy.

My supplement is about the RNLI and it's focusing upon the work done by the brave souls in Guernsey, in particular the era my Grandpa John Petit served in. He was Coxswain for a number of years and won medals for his bravery in some very difficult situations out at sea. I thought it would be a nice tribute and in interesting subject to look into.


As I mentioned, these are experiments. None of these images I've presented feel quite right yet but I believe I'm on the right path and with a little more development I'll get to the right outcome. I have also been looking at illustrating with oil pastels to get some choppy seas and stormy weather kind of imagery to accompany my articles. I will try to post images of those when I get the chance.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Quick Post - Something I've been working on

An on going project which isn't complete but I thought I'd share this with you guys because, even if it doesn't get used, it's quite nice.

Part of a logo design project I'm doing for a friends band. The typeface is original but it may need changes as it's a first draft. They want a kind of winged graphic too, so I'll be working on that soon too.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Winchester Gallery Exhibition

Kind of a re-post really from the Sauce Collective blog but I thought I'd feature it on my own blog to maximise coverage!

A few pieces have been selected, by my tutors, from my semester 1 work which has mainly been type based. I've moved slightly away from collage and illustration for now as I've been pushing my use of typography and moving image.

I am very pleased that my work was selected and that it was my type design project that was put forward. I had a lot of fun doing that project and it opened up new areas for work to go in.

Also, there were a few of my sketchbooks set out in cabinets which I'm happy about because I enjoy my working process very much and it's nice to share with other people.

To see more work from the exhibition go to the Sauce Collective blog or if you live in Winchester go to the Winchester Gallery on the WSA campus.

Kirk out.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

awesome as shit.

Fiddling about in Illustrator and having fun with a few different aesthetics.

Click to enlarge. Looks better bigger!

Monday, 1 February 2010


This is a bit of an in-joke for typographers and graphic designers, it's quite meaningless but I thought it'd be fun anyway.

Just one of those fun ideas that pop into your head from time to time. It's probably even been done. Mind you, I haven't seen anything similar yet!