Saturday, 20 February 2010

Brighton Zine Fest

Hey guys! I attended the Brighton Zine Fest today with my good friends Kat and Grant (2 of the 5 people who look at this blog).

It was my first zine fayre and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to see such a diverse mix of zines from illustration, photography, punk zines, comics/graphic novels, political stuff and 'lifestyle' zines. There was some great work and some really nice people too. (Thanks for letting me use the stapler!)

I entered my zine into the stall that was selling for people but unfortunately I didn't sell any! haha (although the Sauce one did, which I was in too! ) I would have been pleasantly surprised if I did! In the end I decided to swap mine for some cool ones that I'd seen and it was a better way to get talking to people rather than selling anonymously. All I did was ask if 'anyone would like a zine about Star Trek?' seemed like the perfect sales pitch to me! I was going to give them away for free but people were kind enough to swap the ones they made which was very cool of them! Any refusal to swap my zine would be not 'logical' (yes, i went there).

Here's a few pics of the fayre and some of the stuff I liked.

Some of these pics don't do the zines justice. Shebangs was really awesome and well put together. It had some rad illustration inside it and it was a delightful thing to hold. I wanted to buy it but didn't have any dosh left! I also loved the cover for 'salutations' and the photography inside was really nice too. Rocket Science had an awesome screen printed cover and the idea of the comic and the content was cool! I ended up buying 'The Adventures of Geoff, Half-Shark-Half-Octopus' cos it was rad, it's also really funny!

I'll be posting pics of my zine soon too! Cheers guys!


  1. Some of my zines snuck into the picture, off to the left of Shebang's table! : p

  2. I didn't realise it when I picked it up (I bought it because it was one of the coolest zines there yesterday) but I bought the Sauce collective zine, I was looking for your one as well but didn't see it.

  3. Ah nice one Craig! Glad you liked it.