Monday, 15 February 2010

Supplement this!

Experiment. I tend to use that word a lot on this blog and in my posts but that's what every piece of work feels like at any stage of development. The final outcome of a project is just one particular outcome of a set of 'experiments' and ss this blog is all about my work in any stage of development I have some experiments to show you.

Anyway, let's not ponder too much on the word and get down to business. These images are part of my current project 'Supplement' where the brief asks us to art direct, create content (photographs, illustration etc) and create layouts for a supplement to a chosen magazine or newspaper. Basically, we're doing the job of everyone in involved in putting together a magazine and all in 3 weeks. Quite a challenge, but also quite fun.

Wow, I tend to write more and more each time I post here.

OK, the work! Here are a number of 'experiments' for you to salivate over. Enjoy.

My supplement is about the RNLI and it's focusing upon the work done by the brave souls in Guernsey, in particular the era my Grandpa John Petit served in. He was Coxswain for a number of years and won medals for his bravery in some very difficult situations out at sea. I thought it would be a nice tribute and in interesting subject to look into.


As I mentioned, these are experiments. None of these images I've presented feel quite right yet but I believe I'm on the right path and with a little more development I'll get to the right outcome. I have also been looking at illustrating with oil pastels to get some choppy seas and stormy weather kind of imagery to accompany my articles. I will try to post images of those when I get the chance.

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