Sunday, 7 February 2010

Winchester Gallery Exhibition

Kind of a re-post really from the Sauce Collective blog but I thought I'd feature it on my own blog to maximise coverage!

A few pieces have been selected, by my tutors, from my semester 1 work which has mainly been type based. I've moved slightly away from collage and illustration for now as I've been pushing my use of typography and moving image.

I am very pleased that my work was selected and that it was my type design project that was put forward. I had a lot of fun doing that project and it opened up new areas for work to go in.

Also, there were a few of my sketchbooks set out in cabinets which I'm happy about because I enjoy my working process very much and it's nice to share with other people.

To see more work from the exhibition go to the Sauce Collective blog or if you live in Winchester go to the Winchester Gallery on the WSA campus.

Kirk out.

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