Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wooden Boxes

I've been at home in Guernsey for a couple of days and I've found a few things around my Dad's house that have taken my fancy.

I found a couple of wooden boxes that looked really cool. I love the dynamic textures of the wood and the different shades and colours that they create. The design and craft of the boxes took my eye too as they seem quite graphic and have a kind of grid structure to them. It got me thinking of how I could incorporate this into my current project and how this kind of work could be another means of image making.

I was thinking of taking textures and manipulating them into grid forms to create images and how this can communicate the feel of the material.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Thinking space.

Entire image was made 'in camera' (apart from the b&w plus levels in Photoshop). Quite a fun little way of working.

Would be awesome to work more like this. Had a lot of fun using photography and double exposures recently.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Today I did this....

Today, Grant helped me put the finishing touches to my D&AD entry for the 'Onedotzero' brief. Grant was my model and doubled up as lighting technician.

As the process required multiple changes between each frame I had took care of everything camera related. I set up the shots, moved the camera and did all the long exposure zooming techniques to achieve the effects in the animation.

Grant was a massive help as some shots called for switching off certain lights to create the detracting light effect towards the end. It made sense for him to be subject of the video and the lighting technician as he was close to the action! Thanks Grant!

Oh yeah, check out Grant's stuff too over at his blog - http://chl0rine.blogspot.com

Working in studio 1

My very rough 'storyboard'!

A still from the film.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Genius Loci: Brighton Pier

3 illustrations completed of the eventual set of 5 for the Genius Loci brief set at uni. My chosen place was Brighton Pier, where I focused upon the arcade and coin machines.

The set is supposed to be an abstract take on the way people are suckered in to 'small time' gambling and how they're throwing their money way into these machines without any decent return. Players are deceived into thinking they could win the big prize, if they just put one more coin in.

I wanted to show this repetitive nature within the compositions and capture the essence of cogs in the machines twisting and turning, consuming all your money.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Sand Pit

This deserves it's own post and not just a tweet. This is simply amazing. I'm a fan of models, played with train sets and miniatures as a kid like most do but there's something fascinating about seeing the world like this. I love seeing tilt-shift style images, although nothing beats seeing a real miniature, but this short film is something I've never seen before and something I've always dreamed of. Seeing a 'miniature' world fully animated is a fantasy but now it's been done through 35,000 still images edited together to make a short film. The outcome is simply amazing.


The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

The Sand Pit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

MORE..... progress

I'm beginning to like it. (added some more stuff too, felt like I've been over blogging on this project!)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Genius Loci Development



Just a quick idea going on from my sketchbook work. Combining some stuff I experimented with in illustrator and my sketchbook collage.

Expect the work to go more in this direction. I've been looking at North American folk art and I'm trying to figure out ways of combining that with the arcade aesthetic.

Further on from that I've just put this together, developing the style a little further.

 I went back to Brighton Pier and took some images of the shapes around the arcades and the exterior of the pier. I also looked for textures I could use in my work. I think this will prove useful as I have shapes to reference and keep everything that I make in the style of the pier's structure and decoration.

sketchbook noodling

Some shots of my sketchbook from the current project Genius Loci. Early in the development stages so far but I'm excited about where this project could go.

It's nice to be doing a bit of image making again. I did some for my last project but didn't get as stuck in as I'd hoped as I had to think about layout and everything else. I will be going back to that project and re-hashing the illustrations, so maybe the stuff I do now will feed into that later.

What this says, I have no idea. I think it was my attempt at free handing Futura from memory. Fail.


the world famous

the world famous from Josh Fletcher on Vimeo.

Research for a current university project 'Genius Loci' where we've been set the task to choose a location and recreate the 'spirit' of the place.

I've chosen Brighton Pier, and I'm focusing upon the arcade. I went down there with the intention of recording the environment. I took images, sound recordings and videos of the place.

From these recordings, I created this video to present in a tutorial & to use as a reference for myself. This way of working has helped me get a sense of the place and the direction I want to take the project in.

Oh and I've just created a Vimeo account, add me!