Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wooden Boxes

I've been at home in Guernsey for a couple of days and I've found a few things around my Dad's house that have taken my fancy.

I found a couple of wooden boxes that looked really cool. I love the dynamic textures of the wood and the different shades and colours that they create. The design and craft of the boxes took my eye too as they seem quite graphic and have a kind of grid structure to them. It got me thinking of how I could incorporate this into my current project and how this kind of work could be another means of image making.

I was thinking of taking textures and manipulating them into grid forms to create images and how this can communicate the feel of the material.


  1. nice boxes! Yeah we need to discuss what's going on. Have you done much work? I guess you've been flying all over the place. I'm still doing a lot of research, but want to start getting a few ideas out.

  2. Yeah, I'm gathering stuff/research at the mo. Need to get stuff in a sketchbook and start with the ideas. I have a few ideas and stuff but I want to start making stuff as soon as poss. I'll be coming to Winch on Monday I think to see Vic and reflective journal stuff so we can have a chat then. Wocked.

  3. I reviewed your zine! Hurray!