Thursday, 29 April 2010


Been developing some of my personal work about the England team and the world cup. Getting really excited about doing this, just wish I wasn't so busy at the moment. Looking to get everything ready for the London Zine symposium in about a months time.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Football's coming home...

My current uni project seems to be ticking along nicely but I've had an idea for some personal work! A couple of weeks ago I knocked out this poster of Fabio Capello (below) as a quick idea but it got me thinking.

I came up with the idea of making of series of these for the World Cup (plus a zine for the London Zine Symposium) but I'm going to explore using the type face I made for my Nike campaign project that I did at the start of Level 2.

Pretty excited about doing it, just need the time! I will find the time! Can't wait for the world cup.

Over and out.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Previously on Jiraffe...

I promised you some developments I've made on my project and this features some of the type I found in the book I posted about earlier.

This is supposed to outline the direction I want to take, the main thing is to sketch out of some stuff and ideas at this point so I don't get too bogged down with the concept. I'm enjoying my work and I can see this developing further fairly quickly.

If anything happens...

Bit of a poke at LOST and for some reason, I'm having complete deja vu about writing this post (in true LOST fashion I suppose). Have I done this before?

Anyway, I had an idea about constants and variables and how they fit into our community at WSA. The constant for all of the students who attend there is obviously the institution itself so the variables are us, the courses we do and the work we make.

I thought it could be cool to explore what we have in common with each other and what our differences are as a community. Hopefully this can inform the outcome of the material I'll make.

I've done a few type experiments today just to see where I can take this visually. Still in the very early stages but I'll post an update later with what I have so far.

J  O  S  H.

(get it? no. damn.)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Working on previous project work on the side...

...ready for assessment. I've got a lot coming up so I thought I'd start it now, just having it going in the background so I don't get swamped when hand in comes around!

I wasn't happy with some of the outcomes of my projects. I felt they needed a bit more work and I've taken on some considerations from my crits.

Here's some stuff I've been working on today.

The importance of community and the WSA Directory...

A quote I just re-read that forms the basis of my self-initiated project and everything. I believe in team work and collaboration. It's the key to overcoming problems and evolving in everything you do.
"Fellowship is heaven, and lack of fellowship is hell; fellowship is life, and lack of fellowship is death; and the deeds that ye do upon the earth, it is for fellowship’s sake ye do them." (A Dream of John Ball, Ch. 4; first published in The Commonwealth 1886/7)
Now, enough with the serious stuff. Back to work!

Slight departure from my normal work...

Something I put together for my good friend Richard. I've done a few invites for his parties before but this one was a little more special as it's for his 21st. I don't normally draw stuff so this was kind of a challenge for me. Fairly happy with how the pig turned out, he looks pretty merry and slightly mischievous. Just like Richard.

The back of the invite has all the info and mimics the back of a playing card. I'm not posting it here though so people can't copy them! haha Not sure who would but still!

Feels weird to do something different, maybe I should practice more with my drawing so I can be more versatile. Really digging using half-tone though. 

Friday, 9 April 2010

Tried to some project work, got bored and made this.

I tried sketching a few ideas for my new project but wasn't getting anywhere so I chucked this together for fun.