Tuesday, 20 April 2010

If anything happens...

Bit of a poke at LOST and for some reason, I'm having complete deja vu about writing this post (in true LOST fashion I suppose). Have I done this before?

Anyway, I had an idea about constants and variables and how they fit into our community at WSA. The constant for all of the students who attend there is obviously the institution itself so the variables are us, the courses we do and the work we make.

I thought it could be cool to explore what we have in common with each other and what our differences are as a community. Hopefully this can inform the outcome of the material I'll make.

I've done a few type experiments today just to see where I can take this visually. Still in the very early stages but I'll post an update later with what I have so far.

J  O  S  H.

(get it? no. damn.)


  1. Ha! Brilliant! That's kinda what I've been thinking about the whole thing - I wanted to show links between everyone - courses, pathways, level etc. Bit more impersonal I guess.

  2. Yeah I was thinking that the typeface I make will reflect the individual nature of all the students but the typeface uses shapes that interlock somehow or show a sense of connection.