Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Illustrator and web design magician Grant Killoran aka @chl0rine has just posted up the new WSAD website design. Over the last few months Grant and I have been working in tandem on projects related to WSAD. I've been working on some promotional material to launch the site around WSA and beyond and he's been working on the website.

It's good to see the final design up and now we can hopefully build on spreading the directory further around the web! I shall be tinkering my designs for the promo material too ready to be handed out at the beginning of the next school year. Exciting times ahead!

Check the new site here:



  1. ha! you're too kind joshy. And yeah, I want to do some more work on the wsa sheet ready for sept. Maybe some long distance shenanigans.

  2. No worries man! Yeah, I'd love to get some proper collaboration going now we're outside the confines of our briefs!

  3. Nice job guys, a huge improvement over the previous version :)