Saturday, 5 June 2010

World Cup fever...

My blog has been pretty dominated by my football inspired designs and I'm afraid it's not letting up for now! However, I've just created a Flickr so I can post most of the images I'm creating surrounding the World Cup and football on there allowing my blog to breathe a little.

So far it's seemed like a good move as I'm getting my work out to people who never would have seen it before. From now on if I have anything new I just want to chuck up online you'll probably find it through my Flickr. I want to try and make my blog more about works in progress/new techniques etc. I should really start getting a site together so I can display all my finished work!

Check this World Cup inspired art group I've created, building up quite a collection! 

I have one image for you and then the rest I shall be directing you to my Flickr! Enjoy.

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