Monday, 26 July 2010

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Something to expand on.

Initial experiment.


It's been a long time! In that time, I've been to Norway! It was great! I have a job for the summer! Lot's of things happening!

More to come from me over the summer months I think. I've had a little break but it's time to be creative again.

I present to you, a few pictures (mainly just of type! but I'm loving the Scandinavian style!) I took on my travels to Norway to see Victoria. I visited a town called Stavanger where Vic is from and it was a lovely place. It actually reminded me of home in a way. It had a lovely harbour and town, cobbled streets and cool looking buildings.

Type from the Oil museum! So commanding yet very beautiful to look at.
I liked this sign. Lovely type and I love the crossed out bits. It's funny that someone has created a typographic image that I admire without intending on doing so!

I love what's happened here. Another great accident that has probably only been admired by myself but this definitely got me thinking. Definitely going to pursue visually fucking with type for the rest of this year. (I'm in that kind of mood).

Again. Brilliant. Another thing was just the look of Norwegian words. I love all the special characters and I was always getting the pronunciation wrong. I definitely felt inspired being there though. Had a great time away and hopefully some of these ideas turn into some kind of summer project.