Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I'm working a lot in black & white at the moment. Mmmm.

Drafty bits of some type stuff I'm working on for a big campaign at work. Had a week off so I'm keen to get back into it! More coming soon.

Modified Futura medium to fit the project. I like that font & the places you can take it.

Monday, 9 August 2010

get off

Why get off? I don't know... just the way the shape of the characters were going and I haven't made a whole font yet. Thought I'd have a bit of a mess around on a Monday night. Needed to flex some creative muscles!

Kinda feels like the Norwegian type influence is coming through a little.


Lots going on. Working for my Dad this summer and I've commissioned a re-design of his company's website. Wrote the brief and now providing feedback and notes on each stage of the design. Working towards getting it ready for 7th September when the company's latest marketing campaign gets on the way.

I'm also involved with designing material for the campaign as well updating some business cards and eventually I'll be working on designing a brochure/booklet for the company.

I'll have more on this in the coming weeks, thought it was worth keep you all updated. I'm very grateful to have been given such responsibility from my Dad and it's awesome that I'm gaining some real world experience as well as earning some money!