Saturday, 9 October 2010

Jason deCaires Taylor

I went along to 'Heft: Weight and Touch in Contemporary Sculpture' today at The Discovery Centre in Winchester and I saw some really awesome work. One thing that really took my attention, along with many other pieces, was a film by Jason deCaires Taylor of his 'underwater sculptures'.

The film itself was a great piece of work. I felt really immersed in this underwater world where all these sculptural forms were so still and the water and sea life around them were moving and carrying on with what they do. As humans we rule the land, but we become totally different creatures in water. For me the sculptures mirrored that and it made me think about the whole other world that's down there. The human like sculptures standing there are, in a way, fulfilling our dream of being immersed in that kind of world. Sure, as humans, we have the technology and apparatus to view that world but we will never truly be apart of it like these sculptures are.

The following videos aren't the one I saw in the gallery but they contain similar shots. Definitely worth going to the exhibition if you're in Winchester to view it context with the other pieces. I was really impressed with the other work their too. Artists of note were 'Sophia Olivia Clapham‏' and 'Noemie Goudal'.

Jason DeCaires Taylor Underwater Sculpture from Christian Sandino-Taylor on Vimeo.

It's a nice change not to be so self-indulgent on your own blog. Sometimes you get a bit too involved with trying to develop yourself. Taking a step back and reflecting on something you've never seen before is an amazing way to get yourself in a good mood and inspired once again.


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