Saturday, 9 October 2010

The wall of awesome.

Trying to gain some creative momentum so I started putting things on the wall in the rotunda. A few bits of type work up there you might recognise and I've put up an A3 sized white board so we can doodle/write something new on there everyday. I don't just want my work up there either, anyone can add stuff!

It's all about getting it off screen and putting it in the real world! One of the frustrations I'm having with my work at the moment!

 Using the saying 'pictures say 1000 words' I'm considering setting up a Twitter that doesn't use words at all but instead contains links to images of this board:

The 'tweets' will be whatever it says/illustrates on the board. This way 140 characters becomes obsolete and not only will the messages be online but they will be in a 'live' space for people to interact with and change if they please.


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