Friday, 19 November 2010

The Disappearing City

We've just been given this years D&AD briefs and we have to do 2 this year! Will be stressful but I kinda get why they've decided that. I've chosen the Umbro brief so far and I have about 5 maybes for the second.

The Disappearing City from Josh Fletcher on Vimeo.

Forget that boring stuff though. This is something I made for LAST years competition for the 'onedotzero' brief. I forgot that I hadn't posted it online. Was kind of reluctant to put it online, I couldn't take the rejection after being unsuccessful with my entry (yeah right!). Here it is though. The process to make this was so stressful and took about 5 hours to create 15 seconds of film!


  1. I've been waiting ages to see this! It's wicked, and I really have no idea how you did it.

  2. Cheers Tom! The process was very tiring but I love the look of it. I really want to do something more substantial with it. If it was like a minute long or something I think I would have stood more of a chance in the competition. Oh well!