Monday, 28 February 2011

Trying to make a poster for World Book Day

I'm trying! Spending far too much time on it as well. There's been countless drafts and I've been experimenting with loads of different approaches just to get to this one and even still be unsure. I need your help people! I need to get it sorted pretty soon. I think I'm close and I may even admit defeat and just put it out there. Maybe I need to? Comments would be appreciated though guys! Cheers.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Multiples for World Book Day

We've been asked (as Sauce Collective) to organise a stall for featuring Graphic Arts students across all 3 years for World Book Day next week.  Students are asked to create 'multiples' such as; books, zines, prints, postcards, greetings cards, that sort of thing. I was thinking of doing a few A5 prints and zines and things to sell on the day. I've included a few images of what I've been working on so far. Not sure if they'll sell but it's cool to experiment and hopefully I can get some feedback from people if all else fails.


Edit: Just printed some stuff today and they seemed to have come out well. Check em out below. I also printed onto some silver card, which you can't really see, but in the flesh it looks awesome.

Friday, 18 February 2011

She Haunts The Roads stickers!

My logo design for She Haunts The Roads has been turned into stickers courtesy of my sign writer buddy, and current drummer for the band, Neil Etasse! He's done a fine job and I hope they kick ass at their gig this weekend. I'm sure they will!

Sauce Collective and Print Matters

I thought I'd share this with you guys for the benefit of those that don't go to Southampton University. If you do you should totally check this out! Basically, Print Matters is an exhibition of Artist's books, publications and zines at the Hartley library, Southampton Uni Highfield campus.

Myself and the rest of Sauce Collective were lucky enough to have our zines exhibited in the show. We had both individual and collaborative zines featured and even a bit written about us in the catalogue. Very cool!

I'm delighted to have my 'For England' zine featured in the exhibition. Although England ultimately failed to live up to expectations in the World Cup it reflects my passion for the team at the time. It's an example of the belief England football fans have in their national team. I really enjoyed making that piece of work too so I've no regrets with that one!

Have a browse through the images but please try and make it down if you can! I've also included the text from the catalogue for you to read. Cheers!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

3D Tests

My final major project is all about 3D. The plan is to explore making 3D objects, 3D type, making stuff in spaces, taking over walls; that kind of thing. I've been testing a lot though lately with stereoscopic photography and today I've been working with After Effects.

I should mention that this is basically my first foray into AE and I'm pretty happy with myself. I seem to have picked up the basics fairly quickly.

For the time being I've gone with Stephen King's Dreamcatcher as a basis for adaptation. I'm interested in all the images we get in our head when we read books so I want to make our imaginations come to life and let it live in 3D space instead of our minds.

You'll need a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses to view some of the images/videos in 3D.

Edit: The videos are now available! Here they are: 

2D Version

3D Version

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Latest one for 'The Future Shock'

Completed a poster over the weekend for The Future Shock Live in Guernsey. They're a gig promotion group run by my brother Jack and my mate Tom (Shinfo).

It's giving me some nice creative freedom at the moment. Not my best work but it gives me the opportunity to try new things and see what works. It helps getting rid of the fear of doing something wrong.

Be sure to follow them on Tumblr! They've got some cool gigs coming up soon including one with 'Verses' who Jack and I played on the same bill with when we were in My Last Victory.

Monday, 7 February 2011


Some progress on the demo covers for 11:59. Some are a bit wild and overlayed, will probably end up a bit simpler. I'm looking to get some wooden blocks cut out once the final designs are done. Then I can print with them which should produce more of the hand made look I'm going for.