Monday, 7 February 2011


Some progress on the demo covers for 11:59. Some are a bit wild and overlayed, will probably end up a bit simpler. I'm looking to get some wooden blocks cut out once the final designs are done. Then I can print with them which should produce more of the hand made look I'm going for.


  1. let me guess....destined to be laser cut?

  2. cool. I like the 2 at the top, the middle right and the bottom right best. bottom left 2 busy for my liking though.

  3. Yeh I def agree with mayhee, i think i even like the top left one best, looks really nice on that format :)

  4. Cheers guys! Bottom left was just a complete experiment. Some bits work in it and some don't. I like the top left corner of that one though ha.

    I think it might have to be either 2 top ones of middle right. I'm attracted to the top right because it has both colours in and it's a bit messy which lends itself to the aesthetic of the band overall.

    Grant, you're correct. I just like the whole idea of being able to self publish and mass produce stuff. DIY publishing is the future!

    Man do I wish I'd done this for hand in. Oh well! Portfolio, not marks, right?