Thursday, 17 February 2011

3D Tests

My final major project is all about 3D. The plan is to explore making 3D objects, 3D type, making stuff in spaces, taking over walls; that kind of thing. I've been testing a lot though lately with stereoscopic photography and today I've been working with After Effects.

I should mention that this is basically my first foray into AE and I'm pretty happy with myself. I seem to have picked up the basics fairly quickly.

For the time being I've gone with Stephen King's Dreamcatcher as a basis for adaptation. I'm interested in all the images we get in our head when we read books so I want to make our imaginations come to life and let it live in 3D space instead of our minds.

You'll need a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses to view some of the images/videos in 3D.

Edit: The videos are now available! Here they are: 

2D Version

3D Version


  1. This is great, I wish I had some red/blue glasses on hand at all times like a cool kid. Some guys in the office where I'm at right now have bought an Xbox Kinect device but have rigged it up (very easily) to their computers, and are now exploring 3D tracking and space making directly on the screen in real time, it's amazing.

  2. Cheers Tom!

    That sounds awesome though! I've seen vids on Youtube with people doing mad shit with the Kinect. There's definitely some scope to make some cool stuff with/for that piece of hardware.

    How's the placement going man? Hope it's going well! Sounds well exciting. Know your plans for FMP and stuff too yet?