Friday, 18 February 2011

Sauce Collective and Print Matters

I thought I'd share this with you guys for the benefit of those that don't go to Southampton University. If you do you should totally check this out! Basically, Print Matters is an exhibition of Artist's books, publications and zines at the Hartley library, Southampton Uni Highfield campus.

Myself and the rest of Sauce Collective were lucky enough to have our zines exhibited in the show. We had both individual and collaborative zines featured and even a bit written about us in the catalogue. Very cool!

I'm delighted to have my 'For England' zine featured in the exhibition. Although England ultimately failed to live up to expectations in the World Cup it reflects my passion for the team at the time. It's an example of the belief England football fans have in their national team. I really enjoyed making that piece of work too so I've no regrets with that one!

Have a browse through the images but please try and make it down if you can! I've also included the text from the catalogue for you to read. Cheers!

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