Monday, 28 February 2011

Trying to make a poster for World Book Day

I'm trying! Spending far too much time on it as well. There's been countless drafts and I've been experimenting with loads of different approaches just to get to this one and even still be unsure. I need your help people! I need to get it sorted pretty soon. I think I'm close and I may even admit defeat and just put it out there. Maybe I need to? Comments would be appreciated though guys! Cheers.


  1. Definitely the first one, but you might want to make the opacity on the brown text higher because it's a bit hard to read-just suggesting, good luck!

  2. Thanks Ltz! Wasn't even sure if it should be brown but I'll take that on board. Thanks :)

  3. hey i like the first one better 2 but not sure about the brown line going across the multiples, its not quite working