Monday, 21 March 2011


Not giving too much away. Just wanted to post this because I'm having fun doing with this project for CHC at the moment. Not finished or anything or perhaps even part of any final designs but I quite like it. Vic and I are slowly making progress on the project. So much going on at the moment!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ingo Maurer

Found some of Ingo Maurer's work in the Winchester School of Art library today. His sculptures are based mainly around lights but the images I'm showing here are slightly different to that.

I find these images really get across a sense that cars are potentially very dangerous pieces of technology. They're almost like full size exploded diagrams of the all the parts of a car which highlights how many things could go wrong with them. The spikes are just scary as hell.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Have Courage

Hey guys,

Victoria ( & I have been working on some merch designs for my good friends in Courage Have Courage.

We're still fairly early on in the process but we're having fun and getting somewhere! I'm a bit reluctant to show any drafts of what we've done so far because they're no where near finished but the image below shows some of our working process.

This is mine & Vic's first collaboration so we're pretty excited about how it's going to turn out. I'll keep you posted!

P.S. Make sure you check out Courage Have Courage's new track 'All Night Long' below and have a browse on their Youtube channel. Loads of cool updates and a rad music video by Sitcom Soldiers.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

World Book Day programme

Hey guys, this is the World Book Day programme that was created in collaboration with Grant Killoran. Grant put this together this afternoon under extreme time constraints and he's done a good job.

Things got a bit crazy, lines were left in on the print and the copies were a bit squiff. The things were a nightmare to fold and become the thing you see on this blog (there were 100 to do!), but we got there in the end! So cheers to Grant, Mayhee, Amy and everyone else who helped fold them and cut them!

Looking forward to tomorrow, it should be good fun!

Also cheers to 'WikiBooks' for their wiki on single page zines. I totally forgot how to do them and found it was a good resource for zine and book making so check it out!