Wednesday, 22 June 2011

PDYE is ready to roll!

Hey guys, really excited to announce that the work for WSA Graphic Arts London Degree Show is now up on the PDYE site!

The work is looking fantastic & I can't wait to see all the prints. Getting really excited for this one now. It promises to be an awesome week with talks, book crits, hang outs, meet ups, drinks, prints and fun times.

Check out the site here:

Here's a picture with my work on it next to Grant's.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Winchester School of Art Degree Show

The WSA 2011 Degree Show is now open! We had the private view on Thursday night which went very well. I met lots of nice people & I really enjoyed talking to them about my work.

If you've been to the show and picked up my card, hello & thank you. I am currently working on updating my portfolio and website so please keep checking back.

If you liked what you saw at the show and you are interested in commissioning me for any graphic design, animation or illustration work please contact me via

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Courage Have Courage Tees Available on Monday!

It's been a long time coming but the shirts I've been working on with Victoria ( for AWESOME band Courage Have Courage are finally coming out on Monday.

The shirts will be on sale for £12 from their Big Cartel store which you can find at

'PDYE' London Show

Today we had a workshop for our London Show at the Rag Factory in Shoreditch. We've been set a brief called '£$¥€' or 'PDYE' which is based around the idea of value. We'll be creating A3 prints where a print run of 50 will be sold at the show. The cool thing is that the price starts off low and goes up each time as someone buys a print. The first person could buy one for 50p and the last for £50 (if all goes to plan!).

I'll be working on this brief then over the next week as we need to submit the work next Friday. Thanks a lot to Recuperate ( for coming in and doing the workshop today and giving us the brief. It's really exciting and can't wait to see all the work up at the show.

Come along if you can. Details are on the flyer.

Massive 3DTV for my degree show.

It all seems to be coming together now & I'm really looking forward to the private view next week. We tested out the 60" 3DTV yesterday to make sure it all works and luckily it does! It wasn't too hard to get it working. I have the video playing from a Mac Mini with a HDMI output to the TV. We set the resolution on the Mac Mini to 1080p after a few tries and looked great.

The show isn't fully set up yet though, still need to add a shelf to the front of the screen where my models from the animation will be displayed.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Dragon Stop Motion

Dragon Stop Motion is very good, but it's also quite glitchy. That isn't such a bad thing though because sometimes it does things like this:

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Everyone else is doing it so I might as well.

Degree show is very soon. The official invite can be seen here:

However, Grant has made this rather splendid alternative, many claiming this one is far superior. I'm a fan and I'm in it. Going against all safety rules here too. Sorry Adam.