Saturday, 11 June 2011

'PDYE' London Show

Today we had a workshop for our London Show at the Rag Factory in Shoreditch. We've been set a brief called '£$¥€' or 'PDYE' which is based around the idea of value. We'll be creating A3 prints where a print run of 50 will be sold at the show. The cool thing is that the price starts off low and goes up each time as someone buys a print. The first person could buy one for 50p and the last for £50 (if all goes to plan!).

I'll be working on this brief then over the next week as we need to submit the work next Friday. Thanks a lot to Recuperate ( for coming in and doing the workshop today and giving us the brief. It's really exciting and can't wait to see all the work up at the show.

Come along if you can. Details are on the flyer.

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