Monday, 4 July 2011


The last few weeks have been very busy but very amazing. The degree show went really well, got a great final mark for my degree, had a few meetings about my work and the London show was a great success. Much fun had all round!

I managed to sell a healthy amount of prints and get up into the next price barrier which was really cool so thanks to everyone for buying one of my prints. I loved the concept of the show and after chatting to my fellow grads we're keen to do something similar together in the future!

Thanks first to Hato Press for the prints, they turned out amazing and I'm in love with risograph printing. Thanks to Chris from Super Collider for the talk on Saturday, really inspiring stuff and really into what he's up to with SC so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on that. Thanks again to Let's Recuperate for putting on the show. Most of all WELL DONE to everyone who had work in the show and all those who worked hard promoting it. Here's to the future!

Also check out #pdye on Twitter to track the whole journey!

(I'll get some more photos up soon. Trying to get a Flickr group together so watch out!)

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