Monday, 29 August 2011

Courage Have Courage at Reading!

It was an absolutely pleasure for myself and Victoria to be invited by Courage Have Courage to Reading Festival on Sunday. As a treat and a way to say thanks for the t-shirt design we did for them the guys gave us a guest list pass each for the day and we were able to hang out in the guest area behind the main stage and rub shoulders with rock royalty! To be fair.. the most famous band I saw there was Architects but that's still pretty cool! :)

We saw some great bands throughout the day, namely Frank Turner hailing all the way from the town of my former residence, Winchester!

However, the best part of the day was seeing Courage Have Courage play the BBC introducing stage in the afternoon. I've known the guys in the band for quite some time and to see them perform at Reading festival for their 10th ever gig as Courage was quite amazing. I'm so proud of my bros! Check out some footage from their set below and follow the link to get some more info on these guys. You need them in your lives I assure you!

Hopefully we can do some more work for them in the future. It's an absolute pleasure.

Courage Have Courage on the BBC

Red Hot

Hello blog. Sorry I've neglected you for so long! I've been rather busy lately and I've got a lot of exciting things to talk about.

First of all I'm back in Brighton! Victoria and I have been living in our new flat for just over a month now and I'm happy to say we've finally settled in!

Secondly I've been at Red Design in Brighton now just over a month as an intern. I'm having a great time there and it's good to be getting involved with some really great projects they have on at the moment.

I'll be doing some new work for E-Si in Guernsey soon too so keep a look out for that. For the time being please check out Red's site!