Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sunday, 25 September 2011

defintion of frockney

Some ideas for a small promotional publication that 1159 want to put out along with their release 'Ou est Le Tissier'. I have how I want it to look in my head and I think it could eventually be awesome but what I've done here isn't quite right. Just some initial experiments happening at the moment really but I'm excited to do some more on this soon.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Bad drawings.

Never Means Maybe

Thinking of doing a run of 50 of these to give away at a gig my bro is putting on soon. The band on the poster is the headline act who are going over to Guernsey from the UK. Kudos to my bro for breaking his balls to get some good music on the island.

Thinking screen print or maybe even lino cut. The idea for the type and symbols stemmed from Egyptian hieroglyphics. Maybe it would lend itself more to a hand crafted process? It'll all depend on time. It's crazy I even managed to fit this one in!

Unfortunately the band have had to pull out and reschedule the gig so I won't be making this print any time soon. Such a shame! I got quotes and everything! Now I look rubbish.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Stephen King's Memory 2D

Here it is! My stop motion film from my Final Major Project. Shot in 3D but presented in glorious 2D for the internet! For those of you who have stereoscopic 3D screens I'll be uploading a side by side version in the very near future. That or Youtube 3D.

This stop motion animation was made as part of my Final Major Project at university. The film was shot in stereoscopic 3D and displayed in 3D at my degree show at Winchester School of Art.

The film is about horror novelist Stephen King. In the summer of 1999 he has hit by a car whilst out walking in Western Maine. He wrote about the horrific events in his part autobiography 'On Writing'. He describes what happened as something 'straight from one of his own books' as if his own horror writing was coming to life.

This animation is based upon the events of the accident and makes them come to life. The writing literally comes off the page to create 3D typographic sculptures which play out the narrative.

All the letters featured in the film were laser cut and all objects were made by hand. The animation was shot over a period of about a month. I am currently writing some music to be used with the film. This was the longest stop motion animation I'd ever done and it was also the most challenging thing I've ever done. This was also my first attempt at stereoscopic 3D and I was very happy with the results and got some excellent feedback.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


I made this GIF for the Red website. Nothing new really, it was based on the old one but added a new poster. Having loads of fun doing all kinds of work for them.

Oh, and the 2D version of my FMP animation is going up tonight. It's about time!

Friday, 9 September 2011

This is heavy...

This has to be the coolest thing I've seen for ages. I'm in complete awe of the whole campaign and I'm amazed at the amount of buzz it's got. I don't even care that I can't afford a pair of these I just think it's been handled so amazingly that you've just got to look on and acknowledge the sheer awesomeness of the whole thing.

I am a massive Back To The Future fan and Michael J. Fox's performance as Marty McFly has to be one of the main reasons. It's always so heartbreaking to see MJF with his condition yet so heart warming at the same time. You see how positive he is about the situation he's in and how he isn't willing to give up the fight.

The teaming up of Nike and the Michael J. Fox Foundation makes this whole thing so good. It's crazy how we can get so hyped up about material things such as a pair of awesome shoes but it almost isn't about how the shoes look. Human beings go to movies and watch films to imagine they're someone else. They look for someone to aspire to, empathise with, care about, sometimes even hate but the fact is we see ourselves in these characters. For me, it's the attachment to the character of Marty McFly that makes these shoes so special and we owe that to Michael J. Fox.

That man is a real hero and if I could I'd put down ridiculous amounts of money to help him in his cause. He makes these shoes what they are and he deserves so much credit for making these so god damn desirable. It's times like these where you realise the power of film and the way it can speak to and influence the world. For all the people wishing these were dirt cheap and you could own them too I feel your pain but let's put jealously aside and rejoice in the fact that Michael J. Fox is fucking awesome and his foundation deserves every single cent it will receive from the proceeds of these auctions. I'm totally aware that other charities could do with funding, help and awareness too but there's a power behind this that we can't ignore. If only all charities had the backing of such influential brands like Nike.

I'm glad I wrote that. May have to do more social commentary in the future. It's my blog. I'll do what I want! ;)

Having a really fun time creatively right now. Loads of ideas, I just wish I can get to do them!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I made a new Twitter avatar and then it turned into a new typeface! I need to stop with that now and get on with the task at hand. I love experimental tangents in illustrator.