Sunday, 11 September 2011

Stephen King's Memory 2D

Here it is! My stop motion film from my Final Major Project. Shot in 3D but presented in glorious 2D for the internet! For those of you who have stereoscopic 3D screens I'll be uploading a side by side version in the very near future. That or Youtube 3D.

This stop motion animation was made as part of my Final Major Project at university. The film was shot in stereoscopic 3D and displayed in 3D at my degree show at Winchester School of Art.

The film is about horror novelist Stephen King. In the summer of 1999 he has hit by a car whilst out walking in Western Maine. He wrote about the horrific events in his part autobiography 'On Writing'. He describes what happened as something 'straight from one of his own books' as if his own horror writing was coming to life.

This animation is based upon the events of the accident and makes them come to life. The writing literally comes off the page to create 3D typographic sculptures which play out the narrative.

All the letters featured in the film were laser cut and all objects were made by hand. The animation was shot over a period of about a month. I am currently writing some music to be used with the film. This was the longest stop motion animation I'd ever done and it was also the most challenging thing I've ever done. This was also my first attempt at stereoscopic 3D and I was very happy with the results and got some excellent feedback.

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