Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Xmas Parties At Battersea Arts Centre

We've put up a new project page on the Red website featuring some work we did for the Battersea Arts Centre. They needed to promote one of their venues as the place to be this Xmas for your company parties. The rooms are stylistically quite rustic, with wooden floors and wooden panels and features throughout them so we designed some DL size flyers using letterpress.

We designed the front and back and enlisted the help of Stanley James Press to print the flyers and set the type for the front. For the back, SJP got a custom plastic plate made for us so we could retain the textured letterpress quality but add in custom features such as the map and the BAC logo. The results are amazing, so thanks to them for their hard work! Oh and they made a great video documenting the process so check that out as well!

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