Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Instagram experiments

Instagram seems to be a dirty word at the moment, so I apologise to everyone who's currently in uproar.

Anyway, I've been having fun shooting stuff from my computer monitor with Instagram. It picks up these weird pixel lines that make the images almost halftone like. The iPhone 5 camera is also so awesome it picks up all the dust and stuff that's on the monitor giving it a really cool filmic look. As if Instagram wasn't retro enough! Anyway, I'm having fun messing about. Might try some moving image like this too.

Kyle Bean/Red Design Collaboration

Last month, Red worked with one of my favourite illustrators, Kyle Bean, to create an autumn inspired 'Party Season' window display for Union jewellery store (on Union Street!) in Brighton's South Laines.

Many other windows around this time of year tend to use reds, browns, oranges and yellows, colours that are typical to this time of year. However, we wanted to do something different, something that was associated with autumn in some way but focused more on the celebratory nature of this time of year.

After quite a few ideas, we went with the idea of bright coloured leaves blowing in the wind that would come together to form a party dress. With that idea, we approached Kyle (who was perfect for this) and with some more of his input and expertise we had a really strong idea and great looking final piece!

Thanks a lot to Kyle for his hard work, it was great to work with him and hopefully I can again soon (maybe something animated??? would love that)! Also thanks to our intern, Chandni Patel, for her hard work and help with putting this together!

Art direction by myself (as Red) and Kyle Bean.

Also, the project got on the Creative Review blog, so check that out too.

I will finish this soon!